Welcome Back
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Welcome Back
WilsonSMP has been officially relaunched in preparation for the upcoming release of Hytale. Our main goal for the time being is to rebuild the community and to open ideas for our future server. I highly recommend you join our Discord and Steam Group as well, if you use those applications. Hytale allows us to fully customize everything in the game and create new things, we shouldn't have to rely on mods like we have in the past.

Our Minecraft server has temporarily returned to hold us over until Hytale releases. More info located here:

Name Reservations
I'll be making an announcement once you can reserve your Hytale username which should be happening before closed beta. Once you have reserved your Hytale name, we can open up whitelisting applications and I will also be changing...
Texturing, Modeling, and Animation
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WilsonSMP Artists Needed!
Hytale will be launching their own Model Maker program free to use. It'll allow us to create anything we want and easily add it into the game/server. You'll be able to access and edit all of Hytale's asset or create your own. If anyone is interested, please post here. I also need to know which of the 3 categories (textures, modeling, animation) you are applying for. Details regarding the Hytale Model Maker are below:

Hytale Model Maker's modeling system uses cuboids and flat planes. This allows for more sophisticated designs than are possible with blocks while ensuring that model making remains accessible and maintains a consistent visual style.

"It's really easy to get started with because it's only boxes, basically" Élisée says. "You only need to be able to create some boxes and resize them."

Every creature...